The Selling Process

Time to sell

“Making the decision to sell your property
can often be a difficult and emotional one.”

Whether you are thinking of upsizing, downsizing, moving closer to town, moving to the country or need to relocate for work, making the decision to sell a property can often be a difficult and emotional one. There are many factors to take into consideration when listing your property that can become very overwhelming.

The first step in making this decision is to book your free home market evaluation with me. At this appointment we will discuss your motivations in selling, and what your plans are after you sell. I will complete an evaluation on your property in its current condition and talk about factors to consider such as market, time of year, and competing properties. This is also a great time to go over the expenses associated in selling your property along with the necessary documents you need to have ready for our second meeting.

Its now time for our second appointment. This is usually 1-3 days after our initial meeting and is much more involved. I will show you listings comparable to your property with a detailed explanation to the market sales range of your property. This is very important because pricing your property incorrectly whether it be to less or too much can cost you money in the end. I will also explain my role to you as your representative, and discuss my marketing strategies for your property to get you the best dollar for your sale. It is however important to remember the market is forever changing, and sometimes we may have to adjust our marketing along the way.

Now that the “For Sale” sign is up, it is time for the first open house. It is rare that the open house will result in a sale, however it gets people talking to others about your property and creates more interest. It is important to keep the home as tidy as possible because we never know when a buyer will arrive wanting to see the property or submit an offer. Showings typically occur on weekends and in the evening because of peoples work schedule and though some houses sell in a few days, there is no definite timeline for a sale.

Now that the offer has been made, I negotiate to get you the best deal possible on the sale of your home. When negotiating an offer, it can be just as important to negotiate the inclusions, conditions, and closing dates as it is to negotiate the price. Once the offer is accepted it is now time to meet the conditions of the agreement of purchase and sale. This may include allowing the buyer to have a home inspection conducted, or perhaps as the seller you needing to provide documents. Every agreement of Purchase and Sale is different and thus so are the conditions.

Once the conditions have been fulfilled, the deal is firm and we move towards the closing. We prepare by moving or cancelling accounts related to the property such as utilities to ensure that once the property has closed you will no longer be billed for them. Now just some final signatures at the lawyer’s office, and congratulations the property has successfully closed.